๐Ÿ”ญ AI Mitigation

๐Ÿ’ก AI gives you a prediction on when your project will finish based on your up to date performance. It then provides you with reccomendations on which activitites to shorten in order to absorb incoming delays (or accelerate delivery). You can also create additional mitigation scenarios and run them in minutes

This screen enables you to:

  1. Create your own mitigation scenarios and test them in minutes
  2. Utilise the Home screen AI widgets to quickly get an overview

Create your own mitigation scenarios and test them in minutes.

You can create your own mitigation scenarios. For each scenario you choose:

  • Which activities to crash
  • How much (percentage wise)

Asserting the performance of a mitigation scenario

Mitigation scenarios can be inspected from the mitigation screen. When within a scenario there are 3 key takeaways:

  1. Its overview data.
  2. The activities being crashed and by how much (percentage wise).
  3. The effect each crashed activity had on the total scenario mitigation gain.

Editing an existing scenario

It is possible to edit existing scenarios as well. This can happen from the mitigation screen, as illustrated below:

Utilise the Home screen widget to quickly get an overview

Super quick insights can be found by just accessing a project and looking at the home screen. There are 2 widgets on the home screen, one for the โ€˜Forecastโ€™ and one for โ€˜Mitigationโ€™ data respectively. So immediately just by accessing a project you know:

  • How much your project is projected to be delayed.
  • The impact the best available mitigation scenario has on the forecasted delay.