↖️ Importing Duration Uncertainty from Excel

The import feature allows you to import your duration uncertainty values and distributions from Excel efficiently.

Getting Started

  1. Accessing the Import Feature: To start the import process, navigate to the main risk screen, click on the β€˜Import from Source Schedule or File' button, and select 'Duration Uncertainty from Excel'.
  2. Uploading Excel File: A pop-up window will appear, providing options to upload your Excel file or download a sample file for reference (optional). Click on the β€˜Browse’ button to upload your Excel file.
  3. Column Headers: After uploading the file, indicate whether it contains column headers. This step helps ensure proper mapping of the columns.

Mapping Columns

1. Continuing to Matching: Once the file is uploaded, click on the "Continue to Matching" button. Here, you'll map the columns of the Excel to the Duration Uncertainty columns within the platform.

2. Mandatory Columns: To proceed, ensure the mandatory columns are mapped correctly. The required columns are:

  • Activity ID
  • Distribution
  • Min
  • Probable
  • Max

 Once all mandatory columns are mapped, click on the "Done" button. The platform will then proceed with the import process and add the new Duration Uncertainty values.

Error Handling and Fixing

If errors are detected during the mapping process, the platform will flag them for review. Common errors may include a min value being greater than the max, or missing distribution