↖️ Importing risk assignment from Excel

The import feature allows you to import your risk assignment from Excel efficiently.

Getting Started

  1. Accessing the Import Feature: To start the import process, navigate to the main risk screen, click on the β€˜Import from Source Schedule or File' button, and select 'Risk assignment from Excel'. 


2. Uploading Excel File: A pop-up window will appear, providing options to upload your Excel file or download a sample file for reference (optional). Click on the β€˜Browse’ button to upload your Excel file.

3. Column Headers: After uploading the file, indicate whether it contains column headers. This step helps ensure proper mapping of the columns.

Mapping Columns

1. Continuing to Matching: Once the file is uploaded, click on the "Continue to Matching" button. Here, you'll map the columns of the Excel to the Risk columns within the platform. 

2. Mandatory Columns: To proceed, ensure the mandatory columns are mapped correctly. The required columns are:

  • Activity ID
  • Risk Codes 

Once all mandatory columns are mapped, click on the "Done" button. The platform will then proceed with the import process and assign the risk events to the activities.