AI Reports

💡AI Reports help you share your project’s story in a data-driven way with just a few clicks, from GenAI text to interactive widgets.



At a glance

An AI Report is essentially a collection of smart widgets that you can share with anyone who is already on your project. You can also create private reports for your own workflow and use them as rich notes - no one is able to see those.

You have the ability to use AI to generate the report text for you. Once you have added the widgets you want, you can navigate through a series of commonly used questions, and the AI will generate an answer based on your data! You can also fine tune and edit the AI response, along with enriching it with your own thoughts - it’s entirely up to you!
Every AI Report is interactive and dynamic - you can interact with every widget. Once you share your report, your collaborators will also be able to interact. 

You are in complete control of your report - you specify the permissions for your other collaborators, from an ability to just view information up to the ability to add new widgets and edit existing ones. 

Creating your first report

On the left sidebar click on AI Reports, and then click on New Report

You are done! You just created your own report. You can change the name by clicking on the title. Let’s add our first widget now. 

Meet our widgets

Widgets are the building blocks of every AI Report. There are 2 kinds of widgets: 

  • Graph widget - these are interactive, and you can use AI to generate their narrative 
  • Text widget - this is for you to create your own narrative 

Create your first widget by clicking on the Add widget button. This will open a menu where you can see all the available widgets (we will keep adding new widgets every few weeks!)


Graph Widgets

Graph widgets allow you to add graphs in the report, and use AI to automatically generate their narrative. Every graph widget is interactive and dynamic, and is designed to answer specific questions. 

ThemeFocusDetailsAI-Generated text
ProgressWhat is my progress?This is the interactive version of your project’s S-curve. You can edit the widget to focus on a specific WBS or ACS by clicking on the 3 dots and selecting Edit.
How many activities have been delayed? An interactive donut that shows the number of activities that have been delayed by more than 5, 10, and 20 days. Coming Soon!
Which WBSs are falling behind? An interactive donut that shows WBS Level 1, and their delay compared to the set baseline.
Trend AnalysisAn interactive chart that tracks how the finish dates of the activities you are interested in are changing across updates.Coming Soon!
Activities TableA detailed list of the project activities.Coming Soon!
Schedule Health How good is my plan?An overview of the schedule’s health checks (DCMA 14), with the number of activities that fail each check. The widget uses the thresholds set in the main schedule health check page. 
RiskQSRA ResultsAn interactive QSRA graph, showing planned completion and your simulated P-Positions. This widget requires you to have run at least one QSRA analysis from the main AI-QSRA screen. 
Carbon CO2 s-curveSimilar to the progress s-curve, this widget shows how your project’s CO2 emissions accumulate over time. This widget requires your schedule to be resource loaded.Coming Soon!
What are my project CO2 emission?An overview of the total CO2 footprint of your project, and the various resources that contribute to it. This widget requires your schedule to be resource loaded.Coming Soon!


When available, you can use our Generative AI to create text that answers key questions that are available to each widget. In this way, you can tell the story of your project in a fast and data driven way.

Once the AI has generated the text, you can further edit it if you want to add more information. Note that our Generative AI is pre-trained, private and secure - your data never leaves the Nodes & Links platform, nor is it used to train future responses.


Text Widget

A widget that allows you to write your own text in the report. You can easily format your text to make your narrative look instantly professional with just a few clicks, everything from headers to bullet points. 

You can find the text widget under Misc.

Working with widgets 

You can make various changes to a widget by clicking on the 3 dots in its right top corner: 

  • Rename the widget title
  • Delete the widget
  • Duplicates the widget 

 You can move a widget anywhere you want by dragging it and dropping it. You can also resize it by hovering over its edge - once the two arrows show up, click on them and drag your mouse to resize the widget 

Sharing your AI Report

Your report is by default, not shared (or visible) by anyone - you can use them as your own internal notes. 

You can share it with anyone in your team who is already on Nodes & Links - simply click Share and add the emails of whom you want to share it. Once shared, everyone will see the same information live, ensuring everyone is working with the same information.

If you are sharing it with someone who is not on your project, by inviting them to view your report, you are also inviting them to your project.  

Depending on the platform role they already have, sharing a report with your colleague means that they will either only be able to view it (if their platform role is Viewer) or they will also be able to contribute to it (if their platform role is Contributor or Admin).