🧰 Managing your project

Creating a new project

All you need is internet access, a Primavera P6 schedule, and a Chrome browser and you are good to go! 

Upload a new schedule for an existing project

There are several ways of uploading a new schedule to an existing project.

We recommend doing so from the Home Screen - simply go to the top left corner and click on the ‘+’ icon. Once you are there, follow the on screen instructions and you are good to go!

Assigning a new schedule as your project’s baseline

As your project evolves, so will the baseline. You can easily make any schedule as the baseline by simply accessing the project location on the top left, click the three dots and select ‘Change to baseline’. Simply confirm and you are good to go!


Adding users to a project

You can easily add users to an existing project. Simply go to the bottom left corner and click on the ‘Add to a project’ button. You can invite one or many users at the same time, by simply adding their email addresses and assigning roles to them. Note that you can assign permission up to the same level as your role.