📈 Progress

💡Get information for your project and any of your WBS and activity codes. No fuss, no pain, no Excel documents. Just one click for KPIs and S-curves, from the project to the activity level.


This screen enables you to:

  1. Focus on the WBS that are impacted the most
  2. Access key progress KPIs
  3. View from high level info down to the activity level
  4. Use the Home screen progress widgets


Focus on the WBS that are impacted the most

You can track the Progress performance of your project and WBS/Activity Codes by using the visual bars on the left hand side. Each bar shows the difference between baseline and current progress, with the envelope representing the Early/Late entries within the baseline schedule


By clicking on the top row, you focus on the entire project’s performance. You can expand and navigate to additional levels within a WBS (or Activity code) by using the slider or the expansion arrows!

Technical note: You can easily switch between WBS and Activity Codes by using the dropdown menu on the top right corner of the screen. Once you select a set of activity codes, the bars will dynamically update to your choice.

Access key progress KPSs

For every selected WBS (or Activity Codes) there are 5 Progress KPIs available, each of which is briefly explained in the interactive visual. For each of those KPIs, you can also see how that KPI of your current schedule compares with your baseline. These are:

  • Progress S curve
  • Active activities per day
  • Schedule compression
  • Performance index
  • Weeks behind

From high level info down to the activity level

Once you select a WBS level (or Activity Code) you will see the entire set of activities that are contained, along with their individual progress performance.

Each column within this section has its respective filter which can be used to narrow down your search even more. For example:

You can also identify activities that have been added (or removed) compared to the baseline. This will appear in the form of activities that have the following note “(only in current)” or “(only in baseline)”, which indicate activities that do not exist in both your selected schedule and baseline.

💡Activities that have been started (and/or completed) will have an A icon next to their start date (and/or end date)


Use the Home screen progress widgets

A high level overview of progress can be seen straight from the Homescreen using 2 key progress widgets - the progress s-curve and the WBS Progress pie chart:

  • Interactive s-curve where you can zoom in/out and switch on/off various data from both the baseline schedule and your selected one.
  • The WBS progress pie chart where you can easily spot the WBS with the best (and worst) progress performance. The size of each circle segment also corresponds to the number of activities within each WBS

💡Clicking on WBS pie part redirects you to the ‘Progress’ screen for that particular WBS