🤖 AI Agent

💡AI Agent, powered by generative AI, allows you to get answers to questions using commonly spoken language, making the process fast and easy.


Exploring Topics:

AI Agent is designed to provide answers in text, tables, and charts, ensuring a understanding of your project. When you land on the screen, the AI Agent will present you with four topics to choose from and get insights about your schedule. 

  • Progress: Understand why the project may be delayed and get insights into its current progress status. 
  • Risk: The "Risk" topic will prompt the AI Agent to generate a high-level report about your project risks.
  • Health Checks: The AI Agent will present you with a table of critical health checks associated with the project.
  • Change Control: Track scope changes between the current and previous schedule updates, ensuring transparency and accountability.

For every answer the AI will suggest four follow-up questions to choose from. Alternatively, you can type your questions to further explore the topic. 

Guidelines for questions

Here are some tips to ensure a smooth experience:

How to ask about an activity

If you're asking about an activity, WBS, ACS, or a health check, make sure to add quotation marks around the name or ID.

  • Don't: Why is Activity A delayed? 
  • Do: Why is Activity “A” delayed? 

How to get a table format

If you'd like to see information presented in a table format, just ask for it, for example, "Show a table of the falling health checks."

How to get a chart format

If you're interested in a chart, simply ask for it, as in "Plot the project S-curve." or "Show a graph of the S-curve"

Examples you can ask: 

  • Progress:
    • Why Activity “A” is delayed?
    • Plot the S-curve of the project
    • What’s the critical path duration in days?
    • Write a report about the project's progress
  • Risk:
    • Write a report about the project risk
    • What are the most impactful risk events?
    • Show me the critical path of the project
    • Show me the Risk S-curve of the project 
    • What’s driving the Px (P10, P80,…..etc) of the project?
  • Health Checks:
    • Write a report about the schedule's health checks
    • Show me a table of the activities failing a “specific health check”
    • Is my schedule passing a “specific health check”?
    • What’s the score of a “specific health check”?
  • Change Control:
    • What changes in this schedule update compared to the last one?
    • Show me a table of activities that were added to this schedule update
    • Show me a table of activities that were added to the critical path in this update


You can easily navigate between your questions and answers using the arrows next to each question.

Start Over:

If you want to start over and return to the topic selection screen, simply click the "Start Over" button located at the top right. Keep in mind that this action will delete your current session's history.


You're now equipped with AI Agent 💪🏻, a powerful tool that revolutionizes the way you interact with data. Let AI Agent assist you in gaining valuable insights efficiently and effectively, empowering you to make informed decisions with confidence.