๐Ÿ“‰Trend Analysis

๐Ÿ’ก Avoid surprises by spotting trends and deviations from the plan quickly. Select up to 10 activities and track them across the schedule. Export and share the data with one click.


How does the chart work? 

Track the finish date of your activities across updates easily. Simply search for the activity you care about and you will immediately gain access to an interactive visual showcasing how the finish date is trending across your different schedule updates.

The x-axis represents your update date, while the y-axis is the finish date of your activity. On the right side of the screen, you will see a detailed table with all your selected activities and their finish dates on the first and last updates as well as the variance.

  • Example of a delayed activity: If the line is trending upwards, it means that the activity is experiencing delays.


  • Example of activity ahead of schedule: If the line is trending downward, it means that the activity is ahead of schedule.


  • Example of activity on time: If the line is horizontal, it means that the activity is on track.




Export and share your charts quickly. Simply click on the export button on top of the table to get a JPEG of your charts and its table that can be easily shared with your team member.


Compare to Todayโ€™s Date: 

Understand quickly how your delivery dates are performing compared to todayโ€™s date. Simply click on the toggle button on top of the chart and a line representing todayโ€™s date will appear.


Technical notes:

  • You can select up to 10 activities
  • If you want to delete one activity, hover over it and click on the X button
  • You can also reset the chart by clicking on the Reset button
  • The Variance formula= Finish date on the latest Schedule - Finish date on the Baseline